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22 NOV 2017

Shared property services in the public sector: a future of collaboration?

Property services, along with frontline services, are now firmly in the spotlight for sharing or integration in some form. RICS commissioned a research project to understand the pace of change of shared property services in the public sector.

The days when public sector service providers worked alone or, worse, in competition with other providers, are thankfully no more. Whether this is because of a genuine collaborative spirit or because they recognise their survival depends on working with partners, the result is that shared services have increased across the public sector. New legislative freedoms are also partly responsible for the rise of this model of service delivery, which encompasses joint ventures and corporate entities.

There does not appear to be much research into how much these services are already shared or what the barriers and outcomes are. The purpose of this research, carried out with ACES, is to gauge the opinions of those operating in the market.

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