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11 JUL 2019

Building in Quality – Working Towards Excellence

This seminar will equip you with an explanation of the reason for the formation of and the way in which the ‘Building in Quality’ project Tracker can be used to enable better project outcomes.

By attending, you will be better equipped to understanding the thinking behind the reason for the launch of the Tracker and how it can be used in practice for the following benefits:

  • Consistent governance of design quality targets from concept to completion (‘chain of custody’)
  • Positive quality handover of final built project to first users after occupation (‘golden thread’)
  • Demonstration of Client commitment to design quality with resultant awareness of enhanced value of their built asset (‘market advantage’)
  • Equal consideration of design quality alongside time and cost considerations and awareness of this by the project team (‘quality risk transparency’)
  • Enhanced reputation for the construction industry because of the quality outcomes (‘better outcomes and reputation’)

The seminar will cover the background to the launch of the Quality Tracker, an overview of the above perceived benefits and an encouragement to trial the process on your next project!”

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