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12 FEB 2019

The Land Assembly Lifecycle

An information management perspective

Land assembly is the process which changes existing ownership of land into that which is needed to enable and sustain development. As with any change process it is important to understand where you are, how you got there, where you are trying to get to – and, importantly, the barriers to be removed on the journey. How easily these questions can be answered depends on the availability, quality and accessibility of the necessary raw data and the information which can be generated from it.

The seminar will help you understand the land assembly process, the key stages in the process and what is needed to move from one stage to the next. It will also explain how the land assembly process can be made more efficient and so help us all to save time and money.

This seminar:

  • Identifies key data requirements at each stage of the land assembly lifecycle
  • Discovers how data is progressively transformed by the land assembly process
  • Explores the transformational contribution which modern technology and the adoption of standards can make to reducing the timescales, costs and risks of assembling land


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