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For the Research pathway, you must demonstrate competence in research that is applied to the delivery of solutions to a wide range of projects, employing a range of approaches and relating to a number of locations.

There is no separate guide for the Research pathway. This is because the competencies and areas of knowledge and practice belong to one of the other pathways.

The core competencies you will have to demonstrate are research-specific to Level 3:

  • Client care
  • Data management
  • Research methodologies and techniques

The other technical competencies selected from that pathway should be demonstrated, in most cases, to Level 1 (knowledge and understanding). So while assessors will need to be assured you have a genuine theoretical knowledge, you do not need to evidence any practical experience.

Your assessment is based on your ability to conduct and report on research. The main focus will be on your skills as a researcher. Questioning at final assessment will about actual research projects you have undertaken. For example:

  • How did you establish the client brief?
  • What information sources did you identify?
  • How did you organise the data?
  • How did you organise the project as a whole?
  • What techniques and methodologies did you use for data collection, storage and analysis?
  • How effectively did you consider the client’s information needs, present your findings, and cover aspects that will shed genuine light on a problem so that the client gets the maximum benefit from the research?


If you have any questions about the Research pathway, get in touch with our Pathways team.

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Download the chartered (MRICS) materials

The pathway guide should be used in conjunction with the core assessment documentation available below.