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Training Courses Module   3

ACRE Evaluative Mediation Training

Accredited mediators often find themselves in mediation where experience and knowledge are called upon. This module will enable a successful candidate to move away from a facilitative model to an evaluative model of mediation.

Module three will develop your technique as an evaluative mediator, building on the skills in traditional facilitative mediation.

If you have successfully completed our ACRE mediation or an accredited mediation course, module three is the natural progression for you.

Sat 9 Mar 2019 - Sun 10 Mar 2019
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Sandton Garden Court, West St & Maude St, Sandown, Sandton, 2196
16 hours formal CPD

Course content

You will be trained to act as an evaluative mediator, and will be guided through a variety of practical situations. You will learn how to deal with challenges that are specific to the evaluative mediation process.

These include how to use your sector skills and experience, as well as your understanding of the matter, appropriately to:

  • Help the parties consider the merits of the various options for settlement that emerge during the negotiation
  • Help the parties understand the risks associated with taking the matter to court or arbitration through a process of robust reality testing
  • Provide your neutral evaluation as to the prospects of success in court or arbitration based on the evidence revealed to you
  • Help the parties to achieve an outcome based on wider commercial as well as narrow legal grounds


  • RICS Professionals ZAR7000
  • Non-RICS Professionals ZAR7500
  • Visa

  • Mastercard

Course programme

  • Reinforces your understanding of RICS’ approach to mediation – both facilitative and evaluative. It involves lectures and practical role play exercises. 

    Focuses on the specific challenges and techniques of evaluative meditation.

  • Four role play practices.

    Covers the practical skills involved in running an evaluative mediation role play assessment and producing a written recommendation after the course