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Corporate Governance at RICS

Our corporate governance structure is responsible for ensuring our profession remains trusted and relevant.

In our rapidly-changing world, our profession faces new challenges such as economic instability, climate change and technological disruption. It's crucial that we adapt to meet these challenges head on and seize opportunities.

Our governance is comprised of four teams working harmoniously to set and execute on our strategy so that we remain a self-regulating profession, trusted by society to set and enforce our own standards.

These teams are responsible for driving RICS to be agile, forward-looking, and global, while continuing to earn society's trust.

Changing our governance structure

In November 2018, the profession voted on a Special Resolution to amend the RICS Royal Charter and Bye-Laws. The resolution was put forward by Governing Council to establish a modernised, future-facing governance structure fit for a 21st century professional body. The changes were proposed to put in place high level governance fit for an agile 21st century profession and ensure the profession remains trusted to set and enforce our own professional standards.

These changes will be implemented throughout 2019. Full details of the new roles will be promoted on this page.

Explore full details on our governance changes