8 ways you can earn CPD for free

When you think of CPD, you often think of structured learning, such as seminars and conferences. While these are excellent examples of CPD, we've sourced a suite of videos and activities to help you meet your CPD requirements... for free!

1. Perspectives on Global Real Estate Investment

The RICS Investment Risk Forum highlights some of the trends and perspectives which influence risk management in real estate investment.

Martin Bruhl

The report establishes the industry's approach to risk management and shares best practice.

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2. The strategic importance of One Belt One Road

The One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative is essential to propelling the next stage of global economic growth, not just the development of China's markets.

Speaking at World Built Environment Forum Annual Summit, watch Vincent Lo discuss the strategic importance of OBOR.

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3. Harris Debate 2017

The annual CPD Foundation Harris Debate looks afresh at what we mean by public advantage in a 21st Century context.

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4. What Microsoft can teach us about diversity and inclusion

Srveying diversity - colourful cabinetsGlobal Director for Diversity and Inclusion at Microsoft, Roland White, challenged the industry at our recent Diversity and Inclusion Conference to breakdown systemic bias and asked one big question: what can you do differently?

Find out more about this subject: Diversity & Inclusion

5. Building world class cities

Watch Dr Simon Moores explain how we ensure our future cities are environmentally fit for purpose and the role surveyors have in developing these urban centres. (One hour CPD)

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6. Disruptive advancement: Leaders of the new

As disruptive technologies continue to change our profession, we brought together a panel of leaders at the World Built Environment Forum to discuss how their work challenges and shapes the way the rest of the industry may will work in the years to come. (One hour CPD)

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7. Read the latest Modus


Modus is the RICS magazine that brings you the latest news and views, expert advice and in-depth features spanning the breadth of the surveying profession around the world.

8. Share your expertise: Contribute to our market surveys

We rely on our professionals like you to contribute to our market surveys, helping to make them the leading sentiment indicators of industry conditions around the world – get involved and you’ll also earn free CPD. (30 minutes CPD)

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Make it count - record your CPD today

As you’ll notice, all of these activities incur no cost other than your time, and you’ve probably completed one or more of them already. Be sure to make it count – record your CPD online before the end of year deadline.

Download our list of formal and informal CPD activities to see further examples of relevant CPD activities. This document also clarifies the types of activities that count toward the required 10 hours of formal CPD for the year.

If you have any questions about your CPD requirements, or using the online CPD tool, please contact the RICS team in your region:

Comments (6)

  1. Dr Simon Moores presentation on "Building World Class Cities" is a must see for professionals working in both sustainability and renovation. Ian King's "Post Brexit global economic update" clarifies the exit.

    Damian Southern Damian Southern, 29 January 2017 29 at 11:43AM

  2. Vincent Lo...nice information

    Manish Shrivastava Manish Shrivastava, 8 December at 04:46AM

  3. Enjoyed Simon Moores presentation on World Class Cities. As a practice, we try to use our influence and sustainaiblity expertise wherever we can.

    Edward Paxton Edward Paxton, 11 December at 17:18PM

  4. Vincent Lo presentation really interesting and inspiring. The way forward in developing new markets and opportunities in underdeveloped areas of the world for future growth.

    Babs Balogun Babs Balogun, 17 December at 17:41PM

  5. Excellent presentation from Dr. Simon Moores

    Kliton Ikonomi Kliton Ikonomi, 10 May at 11:13AM

  6. It’s and excellent Presentation with insight into the Smart cities.

    Promode Hewagamage Promode Hewagamage, 26 May at 16:11PM

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