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RICS Dispute Resolution Service

RICS Dispute Resolution Service

RICS Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) is the world’s oldest and largest provider of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services in the land, property and construction industries. Over the last four decades, DRS has appointed dispute resolvers in nearly a quarter of a million cases. Internationally, DRS resolves around $2 billion US dollars’ worth of disputes every year – keeping these cases out of the courts.

We offer a range of world class dispute resolution and avoidance services, and we inspire confidence in parties through our complete impartiality and the quality of our dispute resolvers. Whether you're looking for a dispute resolver or want to gain the skills and experience to act as one, we offer a complete range of methods for resolving disputes across property, land, construction and all other areas of the built environment sector.

We present the leading built environment specific ADR training programmes around the world, and provide a wide range of diplomas, distance learning and face to face training courses. Our training is designed not only for people who want to work as dispute resolvers, but for the growing number of built environment practitioners who recognise how valuable dispute resolution skills are in their day to day professional lives.

All DRS management and administration systems are accredited to BSi standard ISO 9001:2008.

Why use RICS to appoint a dispute resolver?

  • Speed and Cost - Dispute resolution through DRS is generally a quicker and cheaper way to resolve disputes than going to court.
  • Professionalism – Chartered Surveyors are highly trained professionals who have high levels of expertise and experience in their specialist area of work. They are governed by the rules, quality assurance standards and codes of conduct laid down by RICS. 
  • Trained Specialists – The professionals who sit on our panels and are appointed to provide our services are specially selected and undergo continuous training. They must also maintain the highest professional standards. 
  • Range of Services – DRS offers a complete range of services to help resolve disputes, including arbitration, expert determination, mediation, adjudication and expert witness. 
  • Costs – For the majority of our services, we charge an administrative fee to appoint an appropriate specialist, who will then set out the fees to be charged which will generally be at an hourly rate. This can be a cost-effective approach as it ensures the efficient and speedy appointment of a dispute resolver.

Application forms

If you require a dispute resolver, please download and complete one of our application forms available under each DRS Service. RICS is by law not required to provide a copy of the application form to the non-applicant party and does not do so automatically. However, as a matter of good practice, RICS will provide a copy of the form to the non-applicant party on request.

View our full Application forms directory

Please send completed applications by email to, or by post.

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