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VRS non-firm sponsored member VRS return help - question by question

We need to be aware of all the firms which you are undertaking valuation work for. This information is required for regulatory purposes.

As well as declaring valuation activity which relates directly to Red Book Valuation Activities, you should also include Valuation Activities which currently fall outside of the Red Book’s remit. RICS has an expectation that these activities are conducted in accordance with the best practice outlined in the Red Book.

You should declare currently exempt valuation activities by ticking the box labelled ‘other’.

Our records currently show that you are working for the following firm/organisation(s). Please select the firm/organisation(s) for which you are carrying out Red Book Valuation work or any other surveying services.

If you would like to make any changes to your employment information held by RICS you can do so in the Work section on MyRICS. Please note any updates you make in this way may not be made in ‘real time’.

Alternatively, email the Contact Centre at or phone +44 (0)870 333 1600 to make changes.

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