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Expert Witness Referral Service

Expert Witness Referral Service

RICS Dispute Resolution Service offers the Expert Witness Accreditation Service (EWAS) Referral Service, which provides reassurance to parties who instruct RICS accredited expert witnesses that they are appropriately qualified and able to discharge the role they are instructed to undertake.

The referral service is part of EWAS, which sets universal standards for expert witnesses across the property and built environment sector.

Why use the EWAS Referral Service?

By using the EWAS referral service, you can be confident that the appointed expert:

  • Has the relevant expertise which meets the specific needs of the parties seeking to instruct an expert available to act as and when required (including attending court).
  • Has been checked for independence and is free from conflicts of interest.
  • Has appropriate professional indemnity insurance for the matter on which they are to be instructed.
  • Is subject to a quality control regime managed by RICS Dispute Resolution Services (DRS).

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