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Building Surveying: Principles in Practice

Take a practical approach to the day-to-day procedures and processes that are carried out by qualified Building Surveyors.

Gain 200 hours of formal CPD

Course Duration:
6 months
Session Duration:
3 hours
Wed 12 Sep 2018 - Tue 12 Mar 2019
01:00 PM - 04:00 PM
200 hours formal CPD

Available in Australia and New Zealand

$1700 + GST

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Course overview

As one of the largest areas in surveying practice, building surveying covers a wide range of professional roles. You will be asked to provide a variety of services related to the maintenance and care of buildings, and will work in areas such as building design, refurbishment or alteration, as well as other construction and property matters.

As such, grasping crucial knowledge of construction technology, contracts and building pathology is vital in order to demonstrate your ability in building surveying practice.

In our course, you will learn the fundamentals of practice related to contract administration, construction and environmental services, design and specification, inspection and legal and regulatory compliance. Training in these key areas will furnish you with important knowledge and techniques for this multi-disciplined industry, and will give you a practical skill set with which to implement key building surveying techniques.

Course modules

Module 0 – Introduction to Building Surveying

Module 1 – Construction technology and environmental services

Module 2 – Design and specification

Module 3 – Inspection

Module 4 – Building Pathology

Module 5 – Contract administration

Module 6 – Legal/regulatory compliance and property management

Module 7 – Review & Reflect

Learning outcomes

  • Evaluate the different stages of design and construction from inception to completion
  • Determine the appropriate processes of construction and alteration
  • Identify building works and how they relate into different property structures
  • Establish the appropriate various stages of the design process
  • Recognise the functional requirements and performance of building materials and components
  • Analyses the requirements of a client’s brief, in order to satisfy their requirements
  • Recognise the requirements supporting different types of property inspections
  • Review the different methods of completing property inspections
  • Establish various techniques of carrying out inspections
  • Identify building defects likely to be encountered in typical building surveying
  • Establish the causes of failure, and the likely results of failure, together with recommendations of appropriate remedial measures
  • Effectively implement administrative procedures necessary for the smooth running of a construction contract
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the contract administrator
  • Recognise the legal/regulatory requirements for surveying
  • Identify health and safety risks in relation to building surveying regulations and guidance.

Who is this course for?

  • Building Surveying BSc/MSc graduates and Assistant/Graduate Building Surveyors
  • APC and Assoc. candidates looking to qualify through the building surveying pathway 
  • Property and Construction professionals including Building technicians, Quantity Surveyors, Property Valuers and Civil Engineers with a minimum of 3 years’ professional experience.


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    AUD and NZD $1700 + GST
  • Non-RICS professional
    AUD and NZD $2000 + GST
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$1700 + GST