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Where to find guidance

A variety of sources are available which provide useful information on the changes.

The EU GDPR portal

The European Commission has released a new website with extensive guidance on GDPR implementation for just about every stakeholder, including: infographics, explainer documents, a guide to GDPR enforcement, and general FAQ-style information that is part of a larger effort by the EU Commission to educate the entire EU about the looming GDPR.

In total, the Commission has earmarked 1.7 million euros to help fund data protection authorities and train data protection professionals, as well as another 2 million euros for member state-level information campaigns, particularly targeted at small businesses.

National Contact points

For further guidance on GDPR in your market, please contact the relevant DPA (Data Protection Authority): Find your National Data Protection Authority online.

Legal advice

RICS is not able to give legal advice and, if in any doubt, independent legal advice should be obtained. Many law firms provide free guidance, training and webinars.