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Using an adjudicator provides a quick ruling on disputed claims in a construction contract. This allows cash to be freed-up and flow fairly to contractors.

The qualified adjudicator reviews evidence and reasoning as permitted under Security of Payment legislation  from opposing parties to determine the rights and obligations of those involved.

Our DRS is an authorised nominating authority, or equivalent, in Australia, except Queensland, and New Zealand. As a nominating authority, we can appoint qualified, trained and impartial adjudicators to applications made under security of payment legislation.

Our adjudicators are required to be:

  • Senior professionals with 10 years’ construction industry experience who are specialists in their area
  • Where applicable, registered with Security of Payment Authority
  • CPD compliant and trained in adjudication
  • Ethics trained
  • Knowledgeable of the relevant laws
  • Bound by our Service Level Agreement and Rules of Conduct.

We assess the nature of the application, and appoint an adjudicator according to their skills and availability. In addition, all adjudicators are required to perform a conflict of interest check prior to accepting a matter.

Refer below to your jurisdiction’s adjudication process for further information.

Queensland no longer nominates authorities. Refer to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission for information on adjudication.

Costs by jurisdiction

Different fees and expenses apply depending on where you live. In some jurisdictions, withdrawal of applications are permitted but it is likely there will be charges for the claimant. Adjudicators will advise the charges at the time of withdrawal.

Australia (except WA and NT)

  • Optional 4 tier fixed-fee based on claim size
  • Beyond the 4 tiers, claims above $40,000 attract an hourly rate
  • No application fee

Western Australia and Northern Territory

Payments to us and adjudicators are separated:

  • Application fee payable to RICS Oceania
  • Adjudicator advises of their hourly rate

New Zealand

  • 3 tier fixed-fee based on claim size
  • Beyond the 3 tiers, claims above $25,000 attract an hourly rate
  • No application fee

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Use our direct links beneath to get the right forms for your area.

Adjudication applications (claims) can be hard copies lodged at any RICS office, emailed to or faxed to 1300 953 529. Local addresses for service of documents are included within the application forms.

Australian Capital Territory

Application form (0.40MB) 05 Apr 2017

Complaint Procedures

If you have any complaints with our service, the procedures to follow RICS Dispute Resolution Service complaints procedures are available to download:

Complaints against RICS DRS as an Authorised Nominating Authority

Complaints against RICS Dispute Resolution Panel