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A mediator helps to clarify and prioritise issues, crystallise needs, reality check and assist parties in searching for solutions. A mediation is a trained and neutral facilitator focussed on guiding the parties through a process of controlled negotiations, and to avoid escalation of conflict to the courts.

Mediation is an effective tool for tackling a wide range of property and construction related issues.

A mediator does not normally provide personal evaluations of the parties' positions or opinions unless all parties expressly agree. Nor will a mediator impose his or her views on the relative merits of any settlement. A mediator will chair and manage structured discussions, and help each party to fully understand the merits of their position and those of the other party.

Why choose a RICS mediator?

RICS DRS has developed a mediation training and assessment programme to qualify RICS Accredited Mediators through the (Australian) National Mediator Standards Board (MSB). Mediators, trained by RICS, carry the post nominals Accredited Mediator NMAS (RICS). All mediators on the RICS Mediation Panel are accredited by the National Mediator Standards Board (MSB).

RICS mediation services can save you time researching the marketplace for an appropriate mediator. We can provide confidence that the appointed mediator is a trained property and construction professional, who will be truly neutral, having no connection with either of the parties or any interest in the outcome.

Take a look at some of our Mediator profiles

All professionals on our mediation panel are:

  • Trained RICS Mediators
  • National Mediator Standards Board accredited
  • Ethics trained
  • Clear, concise communicators with a practical professional approach
  • Bound by our Service Level Agreement and Rules of Conduct

Before appointing a mediator, we consider availability, and conflicts of interest.


The mediator will agree a reasonable fee with the parties involved.

To apply for a mediator, complete the application form below:

Mediation application form

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