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Online Training

APC Accelerated Learning: Quantity Surveying

Accelerate your technical skills and knowledge to complete your APC and support you career in Quantity Surveying

Session Duration:
12 months
90 hours CPD

£1375 + VAT


This membership acceleration course has been designed to evolve technical skills and knowledge needed for professionals who work in quantity surveying and covers professional ethics and core competencies defined in the RICS pathway guide.

In addition, the course will support professionals throughout the membership assessment process and activities. Delegates will receive feedback and support from a RICS Assessor, simplifying the process and preparation for their final assessment to become chartered.

With access to our industry-leading online library isurv included, delegates will be able to access a wealth of information to support their learning.

Ideal for

  • All Quantity Surveying APC candidates who want to accelerate their learning
  • Professionals from other backgrounds who wish to become chartered as quantity surveying members


This course will be delivered as an online learning course which includes a blend of technical modules, membership masterclasses and consolidation sessions. Each module will take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete. The consolidation sessions will review the module content, provide further context and practical application.

The membership masterclasses will focus on all key activities of the membership assessment process. There is an end of course assessment and separate Professional Ethics for RICS Members assessment too


The need for chartered quantity surveyors is significant. By 2020 an estimated £18 billion is predicted to be spent on construction projects across key developing markets, therefore having the skills to meet this global demand is essential.

With an increased focus on effective cost management, as well as the environment and sustainability in construction projects, there is high demand to provide a cost management service to the construction industry.


  • 1 - Course introduction

    • The role of the RICS and its professionals
    • Introduction to the real estate lifecycle
    • Understanding the APC


    2 - Construction technology and environmental services

    • Alternative elemental options and sustainability
    • Construction technology for domestic buildings and more complex buildings
    • Environmental services for domestic buildings and more complex buildings 


    3 - Procurement and tendering

    • Procurement routes
    • Tendering and negotiation processes
    • Production of tender documents
    • Ancillary processes such as partnering and framework agreements


    4 – Design economics, cost planning and commercial management of construction

    • Factors affecting the cost of a building and its elements
    • Cost planning and the financial control of projects
    • Source of cost data and adjustments for location, specification, time and market forces
    • Whole life cycle costing


    5 – Quantification and costing of construction works

    • Quantification of construction works (including both measurement and definition)
    • Process of costing of the construction works
    • Use of BIM in undertaking Quantity Surveying activities on a project


    6 - Construction law and standard forms of contract

    • Legal systems and the framework for the operation of construction contracts
    • Contractual mechanisms and procedures relevant to financial management of a project
    • Considering other common contractual mechanisms


    7 - Project financial control and reporting

    • Control of costs during the construction phase of a project
    • Reporting and forecasting of costs during the construction phase
    • Principles of contingencies/risk allowances
    • Applying cash flows in financial management

    8 – Mandatory competencies masterclasses

    • Business Skills
    • Soft Skills

    9 - Course revision and APC Getting Qualified

    • Course revision
    • Preparing for your Case Study
    • Preparing for the Final Assessment


    10 – End of course assessment and Professional Ethics

    • Online examination
    • Professional Ethics for RICS Members

End of course assessments

Delegates are assessed through an online multiple-choice question examination which takes place in the final quarter of the 12-month programme. There’s also an online test to conclude the Professional Ethics for RICS Members to assess delegates understanding of the subject.

N.B. Completion of these assessments and course will not guarantee receiving RICS membership qualification, this will depend on the result of the final APC assessment.

What delegates get

  • Technical Quantity Surveying training
  • APC process and competency masterclasses
  • Access to our industry-leading online library isurv (Construction only)
  • RICS Certification of Completion

£1375 + VAT