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Management of Value (MoV)® Foundation

ILX Group’s accredited MoV Foundation e-learning course covers all aspects of the MoV guidance. Using voice, animation and activities, the course takes approximately 6 hours to complete which is equivalent to a 2-day workshop.

Course Duration:
Enrollment Duration: 365
10 hours formal CPD

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The main body of the course consists of 11 sessions which covers MoV Principles, Processes and Techniques. It also covers MoV Approach and Implementation, the MoV Environment, Embedding MoV and the MoV Guidance Appendices.

Why E-Learning?

Technological improvements and advances in educational design mean that e-learning is no longer just a low cost alternative to traditional training methods. In many respects our courseware offers training which is superior to the majority of available “classroom” options.
Not only is the effectiveness of the training process enhanced, but also the convenience and overall cost efficiency of e-learning makes it a compelling option for training. Delegates gain the knowledge that they need and the training can be targeted at specific individual requirements, any time, any place. Delegates also learn at their own pace and can repeat each section as many times as required during the course and as a refresher.

Course only

RICS professionals :  £264 + VAT
Non-RICS professionals :  £330 + VAT

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Course & exam

RICS professionals :  £464 + VAT
Non-RICS professionals :  £530 + VAT

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Learning outcomes

  • An understanding of MoV, its principles, processes and relationship with other best practice management products.
  • Knowledge of the key benefits of embedding MoV, and the principle steps to do so.
  • Preparation for how to approach the MoV examination, and what to expect.

Who is this course for?

The course will be of benefit to all levels of management including:

  • Corporate Managers – responsible for instigating MoV studies with a view to starting new programmes or projects.
  • Programme Managers – responsible for making sure programmes deliver the best value solutions taking into account the views of the stakeholders.
  • Project Managers – responsible for delivering products from their projects that represent the best value for money solutions.
  • Operational Managers – responsible for undertaking MoV studies to assist in reviewing operational procedures and improving efficiency.
  • All other personnel who have an interest or responsibility for Management of Value within their organisation.


  • An exam simulator which results in exceptional pass rates.
  • Increased retention of learning.
  • Less time taken to learn.
  • Increased control and visibility of progress and achievement.
  • Reduced travel costs.
  • Accessible from any location.


Learning Synopsis
The 11 sessions included in this e-learning are as follows;

1. Introduction

  • The purpose and structure of the course.
  • The format and style of the MoV examination.

2. Introduction To MoV

  • The relationship between MoV and other best practice management products.
  • Definition of “value.”
  • Description of MoV in terms of terms of “what it is," “where it can be used," “when it should be used” and finally “what is involved in its use.”

3. MoV Principles

  • Description of the 7 MoV principles.

4. MoV Processes

  • Description of the 7 MoV processes.

5. MoV Techniques

  • Function Analysis.
  • Function Cost Analysis.
  • Value Engineering and Analysis.
  • Other common techniques often used in MoV.

6. MoV Approach

  • Description of a generic process around which a study can be structured.
  • Description of the relationships between the MoV study leader and the rest of the team & Implementation.

7. MoV Environment

  • Description of the external and internal factors that affect MoV policies and strategies.
  • Description of the considerations for the portfolio, programme, project and operational environments.

8. MoV Embedding

  • Overview of the embedding process.
  • Key benefits of embedding MoV.
  • Key steps of embedding MoV.
  • Roles and responsibilities required when using MoV.
  • Overcoming barriers to implementation.


9. MoV Appendices

  • MoV documents.
  • MoV toolbox.
  • MoV health check.
  • MoV maturity modelling.

10. MoV Foundation Examination Technique

  • How to approach the MoV examination.

11. MoV Foundation Examination Simulator

  • Featuring sample questions in the style of the MoV examination and timed to assist your preparation.

How to book the exam

The exam will be hosted by ILX, external to the RICS.

Following completion of the e-learning, please contact ILX at to arrange your exam.

Upon successful completion of all modules and the exam, you will be eligible to receive an accredited qualification from ILX and an RICS Certificate of Completion.


There is a manual for this course and the exam. To find out more about this, and to purchase it, please email .


  • Course & Exam RICS professionals £464 + VAT
  • Non-RICS professionals £530 + VAT
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  • Mastercard

£464 + VAT