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Management Styles

Discover the positive aspects of your management style and learn to tap into your strengths in times of stress. This eLearning course will guide you to the management style that bests suits your situation.

Available Languages:  Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian Portuguese, Russian & Spanish

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Course Duration:
Enrollment Duration: 90 Days
0.5 hours formal CPD
£15 + VAT


Managers constantly face a wide variety of different situations that vary in priority, reach and significance. To successfully navigate these issues, and co-workers, a manager must be adaptable in both management style and behaviour.

In this course you will identify the management styles that can be seen in the workplace, evaluate the positive aspects and learn to avoid the negative aspects of each. As circumstances change from day-to-day you may need to adapt your management style to suit, you will learn how to most effectively apply contextual management. There will also be a number of practical case studies focussing on the management of co-workers for you to complete.

Learning Objectives

  •  Adopt an effective management style without its negative aspects
  •  Adapt your style to circumstances and co-workers


This e-learning course contains the following:

  1. Recognising and differentiating between management styles
  2. Adopting the positive aspects of each style
  3. Adapting your style to circumstances and co-workers
£15 + VAT