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Online Training

Cost Planning using NRM1

Cost planning is imperative for keeping control of a capital build project. Learn how to improve your cost control facilitation and provide effective and accurate pre-contract cost advice to your clients and other project team members.

This course will be available for 28 days from the date of purchase

Course Duration:
3 hours
3 hours CPD

Recorded web class

£69 + VAT


This web class is in two parts and is aimed at construction professionals who have very little experience using the New Rules of Measurement (NRM).

Discuss the requirements for producing clear, robust and accurate cost plans using NRM 1 for Capital Building Works. Through worked examples, you will identify common pitfalls and best practice processes and procedures, gaining valuable industry hints and tips to ensure the accuracy of your future cost plans.

Essential for anyone required to understand RICS recommendations for achieving the highest standard of professional competence in pre-contract cost management.

Learning outcomes

  • Work with the format, content, information required to produce Cost Plans using NRM 1
  • Define the principles and purpose of NRM 1 for Cost Planning for Capital Building Works
  • Identify common problems and exceptions
  • List additional costs that affects cost planning
  • Complete a practical example of an element of measurement using the NRM 1
  • Identify stages of the NRM 1 for Cost Planning


  • RICS Professionals £69 + VAT
  • Non-RICS Professionals £79 + VAT
  • Visa

  • Mastercard

Pre-Class Reading Material/Post Reading Material

 It would be beneficial to obtain a copy of The New Rules of Measurement 1 - Orders of Cost Estimating & Cost Planning for Capital Building Works as it will be referred to during the web class

It would also be beneficial for the attendees to have attended the web class titled Introduction to Orders of Cost Estimating using NRM 1.

Who Should Attend

Any Quantity Surveyor in either the public or private sector who has some knowledge of cost planning


Class 1

  • A brief introduction to the 'NRM' family
  • Rules for cost planning
  • Information required for robust cost plans
  • Constituents of an elemental cost plan
  • How to deal with non-measurable items in cost planning
  • Q&A

Class 2

  • Fresher of class 1
  • Main constituents of an elemental cost plan
  • Logic and arrangement of levels for elemental cost planning
  • Practical Worked example examples of cost planning, description building and rate building
  • Q&A

£69 + VAT