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Leasing/Letting - Competency Masterclass

Leasing/Letting is a popular competency choice for candidates following the property pathways and presents a challenge to many. Over a third of commercial property pathway candidates were referred on this competency.

Fri 9 Aug 2019
09:00 AM - 10:30 AM
£50 + VAT


This interactive session that will take you through how effectively complete experience record, suggestions for relevant professional development, hints and tips for leasing/letting Critical Analysis reports. You will also discuss the types of questions, review potential responses, and as a group assess if the required level was reached

The aim of this class is to help you contextualise and discuss your skills, knowledge and experience so that you can demonstrate to the assessors that you are at the required level.

Learning outcome

  • Complete written templates for the above competency with the correct level of detail to allow the assessors to prepare for the interview
  • Include a Leasing/ Letting key issue within your case study
  • Identify how to best respond to assessors’ questions at each level
  • Present relevant experience to support your answers
  • Avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls.

Presented by: Jon Rowling

Who should attend

Any APC candidates taking the Leasing/ Letting Competency or mentors/ supervisors/ counsellors who would like to gain a better understanding of assessment criteria.

Course content

Using a PowerPoint presentation as a basis, you will take part in a series of discussions and interactive exercises that will help apply knowledge learnt in the session to real-life scenarios. Questions and answer sessions will be interspersed throughout.


  • RICS professionals £50 + VAT
  • Non-RICS professionals £60 + VAT
  • Visa

  • Mastercard

£50 + VAT