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19 NOV 2018

BCIS component life expectancy update for 2018

BCIS recently carried out a component life expectancy survey online asking participants questions on the typical, minimum and maximum life of buildings and engineering components.

The survey targeted building surveyors, facility managers and building services engineers, and the response data has now been validated and updated on the BCIS component life module.

Based on the findings from the survey, the updated module comprises an extended list of building fabric and services components included in:

  • roof
  • stairs
  • external walls
  • external windows and doors
  • internal walls and partitions
  • internal doors
  • wall finishes
  • floor finishes
  • sanitary installations
  • disposal installations
  • water installations
  • heat source
  • ventilating systems
  • lift and conveyor installations
  • fire and lightning protection
  • communications and security installations
  • roads, paths, pavings and surfacings.

In addition, the existing components life data are now based on an increased sample size.

The component life module is included in the Building Running Costs Online service, providing an initial reference point of life expectancy information for anyone involved in the design, procurement or management of buildings.