We receive over a thousand enquiries each year about making a complaint. We direct the majority of these people either to the firm they want to complain about or to an alternative dispute resolution provider.

We start investigations into around 120 complaints a year where our initial review of the case suggests that there may be a breach of our standards. We also start investigations where our monitoring activity has found evidence of a possible breach of standards.

When we start the investigation process, we will write a formal letter to you explaining what standards we think may have been breached and asking for your response to the complaint.

When you receive a letter about an investigation you are required to respond to it and to provide any information that we reasonably require. You may want to take advice from a lawyer or other adviser but our processes do not require you to have a lawyer acting for you. If you need extra time to reply or think that a request for information is unreasonable, please contact us. We will not always be able to agree but we will consider all reasonable requests.

We expect our professionals to comply with all published RICS standards for property land and construction professionals: the Rules of Conduct for Members and Firms, the Royal Charter, Bye-Laws and Regulations and our body of Professional Statements which set out the mandatory expectations of RICS regulated professionals and firms in particular areas of practice.

In considering whether an RICS professional has acted competently, we will consider what a reasonable professional would do. In order to establish this, we may take confidential advice from a chosen expert who has agreed to help us consider cases on a voluntary basis. We may share our findings on this advice with you but not the name of the expert who gave it. If you disagree with the advice, and we believe the matter should be referred to a panel, we may instruct an independent expert to give evidence to the panel.

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