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Direct Debit terms and conditions

Renew by Direct Debit

Professionals based within the UK with a UK bank account that wish to pay by Direct Debit for the first time can do so by logging on to and completing an online Direct Debit mandate. We offer three alternative payment bases. You can renew by paying for the whole year in advance, in which case if you pay by Direct Debit, your payment will be deducted on 1 January. You can also make monthly or quarterly payments by Direct Debit, in which case your annual professional fee will be increased by 4% to cover our additional administrative costs.

Annual Direct Debit

The total amount will be collected on or immediately after 1 January 2018

Monthly/quarterly Direct Debit

If you choose to pay by monthly or quarterly Direct Debit instalments, you will incur a payment handling administrative fee of approximately 4% of the annual fee rate, to cover our additional administrative costs. Please bear this in mind when considering your payment options.

Collection will be spread over the remaining 10-month period, with the full amount of any levies, administrative charges and/or LionHeart dontation being taken on the first instalment date.

Collection dates

  • Monthly: on or immediately after the first working day of each month from 1 January–1 October 2018
  • Quarterly: on or immediately after the first working day of January, April, June and September 2018. 


Receipts can be sent to professionals along with their RICS cards for the year once the payment for their fees has been received and processed. Receipts are available for professionals to download online at if you wish to obtain a copy sooner.