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Tools, tips and help for APC candidates.

APC mentor scheme

The APC mentor scheme is a voluntary scheme run by RICS. The main function of the scheme is to provide support for APC candidates. This includes assisting candidates in their preparation for assessment. They may also be able to provide help to referred candidates with preparation for their next assessment. APC Mentors offer 1 hour of advice to candidates initially, any further time is provided at the discretion of the mentor. Their role is to:

  • Advise candidates on training, experience and recording against the competencies  
  • Advise candidates on templates including the case study*
  • Advise candidates on expectations of the interview process and assessment day
  • Provide support based on their own experiences of the APC

*Please note this does not include ‘checking’ submissions prior to them being submitted for assessment.

A mentor provides an independent voice, which can be used to assist the candidate and counsellor with the APC assessment process. Any advice given should be subject to approval by the candidate’s counsellor who has ultimate responsibility for APC training.

To obtain contact details of an APC mentor please review the APC Mentor list available on this page.

APC Candidate Training Plan

The APC Candidate Training Plan is a best practice document for use by APC candidates who are required to complete structured training. This document is produced to assist the candidate, counsellor and employer with creating a training plan for the candidate. Firms are not required to submit this document to RICS.

This document replaces the APC Training agreement which firms were previously required to submit to RICS.

The APC Candidate Training Plan can be downloaded below.


APC Self-assessement Form

The self-assessment form helps to you capture your current levels of experience; showing you which competencies you have met and where there are gaps. 

Use this form in conjunction with your pathway guide, it will help you to decide on the most suitable optional competencies and to plan training/activities to help you fulfil the requirements of your pathway.

Watch: Completing the RICS APC through preliminary review

Watch: Completing the RICS APC through structured training

APC candidate guide

APC candidate training plan

APC Assessment - Past example submissions (do not copy - you must complete the latest version of the template)

APC requirements and competencies

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