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Expert Witness Registration Scheme

An expert witness by virtue of education, training, skill, and experience has sufficient expertise and specialised knowledge for their opinion to be legally relied upon.

We provide access to a panel of experienced expert witnesses in all areas of property and construction.

Why use a RICS Expert witness?

We have access to a unique group of professional, experienced and ethical experts who bring a world of knowledge in all areas of property and construction. Our experts are bound by professional standards and codes of conducts that are used in over 140 countries around the world. As Chartered Surveyors™, they are considered leading experts in their field.

An independent expert's role is one of investigation. They will take into account evidence and arguments from the parties and come to a decision based on this, their inquiries, knowledge and expertise.

Time-saving, peace of mind, and removing bias

Our service can provide peace of mind knowing that the Expert Witness is a recognised expert in their field. We can save you time researching the market for an appropriate expert. Using the RICS service to find and appoint an expert witness removes any perception of bias.

Established experts

Our service can save time researching for an appropriate expert. All professionals on our expert panels are:

  • Recognised specialists with professional accreditation
  • Highly knowledgeable with 5 years specialist experience and 10 years industry experience
  • Know their role and responsibility to the court with demonstrated experience
  • RICS accredited expert witness
  • Bound by our Service Level Agreement and Rules of Conduct

Before appointing an expert, we consider the nature of the dispute, availability, and conflicts of interest.


We charge an appointment fee of $385 AUD (incl. GST). The expert will agree a reasonable fee with the parties involved.

To apply for an expert, please email names and contact details of all parties, the name of the project, and an overview of the issue, to RICS DRS.

For Expert Witnesses

Experts appearing in State Courts are required to comply with the various codes of conduct that apply in each of those courts. These can be downloaded below:


Contact the DRS team