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22 OCT 2019

Risks in technical due diligence

Risks in technical due diligence

What are the risks? The process of technical due diligence (TDD) cannot always rely on the existing documentation for the asset. Surveyors regularly find that ‘as-built’ information is missing or inaccurate, and in this CPD event we look at the common issues and what should be done to mitigate risk. There are many areas where documents could be lacking, including drawings, schedules, fire safety information, operations and maintenance manuals as well as health & safety files. Being able to uncover these issues can lead to more informed negotiations as well as protection for your client and better safety standards. In this seminar, we aim to:

  • Discuss how TDD has changed with current trends and legislation
  • Highlight what asset information should be required in a TDD assessment, and what the risks are with missing or incomplete information
  • Inform you of any legal issues that may also need to be resolved and how to go about resolving them

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