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Online Training

Introduction to Arbitration in the Rural Sector

Hear from a leading expert on arbitration in the rural sector. Discover how the typical arbitration is undertaken, how the key UK legislation is applied, and common practice.

1 hours formal CPD
£30 + VAT


Through this one-hour interactive video course, you will cover the context for arbitration in the rural sector and discuss the relevant UK legislation, key stages of the process and how it works in practice. Our presenter is Philip Meade FRICS, who is equipped with more than 25 years of experience in rural arbitration, acting as an advocate, expert witness and providing advice.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognise the common circumstances and topics under which arbitration occurs
  •  Understand the legislative framework supporting arbitration in the rural sector
  •  Identify the steps of the process from appointment to decision


This video learning course covers the following topics:

  • Circumstances leading to arbitration
  • Common topics
  • Tenancy and time limits
  • Preparing for the hearing
  • Practice and procedures
£30 + VAT