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  • RICS names new members to its Americas board

    I’m pleased to announce the appointment of 3 new members to the Americas board. These eminent members will contribute to the development and growth of RICS in their respective regions and will work to enhance local member engagement.

  • BCIS Infrastructure forecast

    Tender prices for civil engineering work are expected to rise by an annual 4% over the next three years*, by 5% in 2021 and then by 7% in 2022 as site rates rise sharply to reflect the difficulty in obtaining labour. This is against a background of historically high new infrastructure output. (*five-year forecast from 2nd quarter 2017 to 2nd quarter 2021).

  • Building the cities of the future

    Increasing urbanisation, climate change and pressure on public sector budgets are just some of the issues facing our cities today. How can data and technology help? We supported the recent Smart Cities and Communities conference to share insight from industry leaders. Here’s what we learned: