Environmental surveyors are specialists in all aspects of the management, monitoring and assessment of the environment in the context of real estate, land and construction.


Every chartered surveyor must consider the environmental factors within the parameters of their profession.

As experts, environmental surveyors are likely to be working in many areas, including environmental management and auditing, contaminated land, and assessment land use.

Environmental surveyors are also involved in planning processes. Many planning/building permit applications require some form of environmental input either related to Environmental Impact Assessments or similar due diligence work.

Many other types of market exist in the day-to-day management of land and property. Environmental surveyors also need an in-depth knowledge of legislation, professional due diligence, insurance, investment and all sectors of risk management from groundwater pollution risk to pollution control of the air that we breathe.

There is huge demand and major opportunities for qualified environmental professionals due to a high media profile and demands on natural resources worldwide.

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