The Residential APC pathway covers residential property and housing management and development. For Associate it covers Residential Survey and Valuation, Real Estate Agency and Residential Property Management.


Residential property plays a vital role in society. In addition to its primary purpose of meeting the housing requirements of the population it is also a growing investment asset class.

Occupational use of property can be divided into rental property and owner occupied property. Given the importance of housing in society, both of these are subject to a large number of social, economic, political, and legal dynamics.

Residential property's use as an investment asset has grown rapidly in the UK. Direct investment is undertaken at all levels, ranging from large institutional investors through to private individuals.

Indirect investment vehicles include equity investments such as REITs and debt vehicles such as residential mortgage backed securities. Both the residential occupier and investment markets depend upon property finance, especially mortgage provision.

Many different professionals operate in and around the residential property sector supporting these main functions of occupation and investment. Planners, developers, agents, mortgage lenders, professional advisers (such as valuers and building surveyors), private and institutional investors and property managers are just some of the key professional figures that allow the property market to operate smoothly.

Most chartered surveyors in this area specialise in one or more of these key areas.

Housing management and development

Housing management and development is becoming increasingly important within the government's strategy to create sustainable communities.

Chartered surveyors must have technical skills and a broad practical knowledge in all aspects of the social housing sector, including housing and affordability, decent homes standard, housing market renewal and home ownership schemes.

Housing management and development surveyors are spread across the world and will be required to adjust their work to the specific housing policies and processes that apply at both a national, regional and local level.

Given the diverse nature of work undertaken, those operating in this market are subject to continual legislative, political, economic and social influences in their day-to-day activities.

The client base ranges from public, private and voluntary sectors, which includes local government, public agencies, private major property companies, house builders and the general public.

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