The Valuation APC pathway covers property valuation, residential survey and valuation and machinery and business assets.


Property valuation is a core skill and forms part of the professional services provided by many RICS members.

Accurate valuations are vital to a healthy property market and a stable economy, forming the basis of performance analysis, financing decisions, transactional or development advice, dispute resolution and taxation.

Robust practice standards form the basis of high quality valuations. RICS is the world's leading qualification for valuation professionals and is well respected by employers and clients the world over.

Specialist valuers operate across a wide range of asset types, working in both the public and private sector, though the most common asset classes include commercial, residential or rural property.

Some valuers practice exclusively in one of these areas, while others deal with a wider variety of property types.

‘Top-up’ assessment for Valuer Registration

There are two principal RICS competencies covering valuation:

  • Valuation
  • Valuation of Businesses and Intangible Assets

Any professional member of RICS qualifying from 1 January 2012 must have achieved either competency to be an RICS Registered Valuer. Find out more

About the qualifications

AssocRICS and MRICS are qualifications, not licences. They define only what level of competence the holder has demonstrated on the day of assessment. An AssocRICS who has taken a valuation-related pathway has demonstrated practical skills in valuation; an MRICS who has achieved level 3 valuation has demonstrated higher-level professional skills and the ability to give reasoned advice to clients. 

Once qualified, however,  any individual may develop their skills through CPD and practical experience. The fact that an AssocRICS holds a lower level of qualification does not prevent him or her progressing to a higher level of competence and responsibility.

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Residential Survey and Valuation

Residential survey and valuation is a key professional service supporting the transaction and ownership of property. Above all, RICS members working in this area provide a vital link in the homebuying process.

Residential property plays a vital role in society. In addition to its primary purpose of meeting the housing requirements of the population it is also a growing investment asset class.

Surveys and valuations of residential property combine property market expertise with an understanding of buildings. These two distinct but connected areas of competence are core to the work of professionals in this area, who are appointed to advise on the market and condition of a property.

Mortgage lending decisions rely on the advice of qualified valuers. Although IT is playing a more and more important role in this area, professional advice is set to remain crucial to lenders.

A number of RICS members in this area also work within lending institutions to provide management of valuation service provision.

Machinery and business assets

In the same way that property surveyors advise and act on property use for business purposes, machinery and business assets surveyors provide valuation and agency services for all aspects of machinery and business assets in the industrial, commercial and government sectors.

Found in every non-domestic property globally, machinery and business assets encompasses heavy industrial machinery through to IT and telecoms equipment, and ancillary equipment and services.

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Valuation pathway guide

You must use this guide in conjunction with the core APC documentation, which consists of:

  • APC requirements and competencies guide
  • Candidate guides  (the particular candidate guide you need will depend on your route to membership)
  • Guide for supervisors, counsellors and employers - graduate route to membership

The Associate pathway guide and submission template is available for download on the right hand side. Please use this guide in conjunction with the RICS Associate Candidate Guide.

Pathways and competencies

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