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Quantity Surveying in Practice

An intensive and blended learning programme that will help you achieve the required competencies to become a qualified surveyor.

40 PDUs are awarded from SPM

Fri 13 Sep 2019 - Sat 4 Apr 2020
09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
RICS Office, 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #27-16, Singapore, 079903
200 hours CPD

Eligible for e2i funding

SGD2200 + 7% GST


By 2020 a prediction of 18 billion will be spent on construction projects across key developing markets, resulting in increasing need of Chartered Quantity Surveyors. Quantity Surveying in Practice is a specialised course designed to respond and prepare you as professional to this global demand in the surveying profession.

Whether you are professional who wish to gain practical training to understand the QS profession or an APC and Associate candidates looking to consolidate practical skills and knowledge required to be a competent, qualified Quantity Surveyor, this programme is developed for you. You can choose from the following tracks to join this programme based on your individual learning objectives.

In collaboration with

Who is this for?

  • Professional who wish to acquire practical knowledgeand competencies defined for the QS professionthrough flexible learning options.
  • QS APC and Associate Candidates who want toaccelerate their progress.
  • Surveyors from other backgrounds who wish tobecome chartered QS members.
  • Other professionals in the built environment who wantto have an in-depth technical knowledge in QuantitySurveying profession. (e.g. Architects, Engineers, andConstruction Project Managers, etc.)

Programme structure

  • The course will be delivered in blended learning approach over six (6) months.
  • Each technical module will be offered online where you can also network, learn with other delegates, and ask questions to your trainer/assessor through discussion forums.
  • Each online module allows you to complete it within three (3) to four (4) weeks to follow by face to face session to be held once a month.
  • The morning face to face session is to meet with your peer, trainer/assessor and review the online content and discuss on its practical application. Delegates will also have face to face session on the APC workshops.

What to expect

  • Your progress in the technical module content will be supported through your training programme by dedicated a course trainer or assessors. You will then be assessed through online final examination.The examination will take place within a one-month window period towards the end of the programme.
  • Upon successful completion of the modules, you will have completed 200 CPD hours.
  • You will receive a certificate of course completion confirming you have successfully attended and passed the course in Quantity Surveying Practice.

Learning outcomes

Upon reaching the end of the course, delegates have gained the required knowledge to be able to:

  • Evaluate forms of construction for various property types.
  • Assess the practices and procedures of international quantity surveying.
  • Compare and contrast procurement strategies.
  • Identify the contractual requirements and procedures relevant to construction finances.
  • Evaluate the factors which affect the cost of a building.
  • Evaluate the sources of cost data relating to construction.
  • Assess cost planning methods to control the financial aspect of a project.
  • Illustrate the quantification and costing of construction work.
  • Assess contract practices and administration processes.
  • Evaluate and forecast cost during the construction of a project.
  • Manage various aspects of a project including change procedures and accounts.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the core competencies of the Quantity Surveying APC pathway in thesummaries of experience.
  • Prepare case study and presentation for submission.
  • Sit on final assessment interview with preparedness and confidence.

Meet the trainer

Fong Siew Hui, Senior Director, Contracts Advisory, Arcadis Singapore

Siew Hui supports Arcadis with their works in both traditional quantity surveying and specialist integrated management services. Siew Hui works closely and support the project teams in the effective application of sound contracts and professional practice in all stages of our professional services.

Siew Hui's expertise includes supporting developers and building professionals or working in conjunction with the client's specialist legal counsel by providing contract advisory and technical advice in front end contract advisory work; procurement strategy, incorporation of conditions of contract and interpretation of contract forms; project progress, cost and contract audits; all forms of dispute management and resolution processes; claims assessments; expert witness, arbitration and litigation support.

Siew Hui is also a contracts course leader for the QS Professional Training Programme (QS PTP) in Arcadis. She conducts courses and workshops on procurement essentials, standard contract forms, construction law and in all aspects of contract administration and professional practice matters. She had participated in the drafting of the REDAS Design and Build Conditions of Contract and assisted in the authorship of Contract Administration Guide to the Singapore Standard Form of Building Contract.

Technical modules

Online & face-to-face consolidation session

  • TM 1: Introduction to the Quantity Surveying in practice
  • TM 2: Construction technology and environmental services
  • TM 3: Procurement and tendering
  • TM 4: Design economics, cost planning and commercial management of construction
  • TM 5: Quantification and costing of construction works
  • TM 6: Construction law and standard forms of contract
  • TM 7: Project financial control and reporting

APC membership modules

Face-to-face competencies masterclass

  • APC 1: Introduction to APC process, writing summary of experience and case study
  • APC 2.1–2.6: Mandatory Competencies Workshops
  • APC 3: Optional Competencies Workshops
  • APC 4: Conduct Rules, Ethics, and Professional Practice
  • APC 5: Preparing for Final Assessment Interview


Funding available

Funding from Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) is available for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (whether you work at SMEs or non-SMEs) and is capped at SGD630.

  • RICS professionals & non-professionals SGD2200 + 7% GST
  • Visa

  • Mastercard

SGD2200 + 7% GST