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20 MRZ 2018

Dilapidations and Interim Repair of Commercial Property

Repairing obligations exist throughout the term of a lease and so dilapidations is not just something to be considered at lease end.

Where a tenant fails to comply with their obligations during the term, what options are available to the landlord to enforce repairing obligations? What options are available to tenants to respond where a landlord takes action during the lease term? In both cases, landlords and tenants will need to call on the services of surveyors to advise them.

Main topics

  • The extent of contractual obligations.
  • What options are available to landlords to enforce repairing obligations?
  • How might tenants respond to action by their landlords.
  • Negotiating relief from repairs.

Emma Humphreys is a partner at Charles Russell Speechlys.

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