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Global Leadership Development for Project Managers

This course will provide project managers with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a focused advisor, who can successfully develop relationships and think strategically to ensure long-term business collaboration.

Fri 13 Mar 2020 - Sat 14 Mar 2020
09:30 AM - 05:30 PM
RICS office, Room 3707-09, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong
12 hours CPD

Early bird discount is available until 14 February 2020



A unique course for project management professionals who are looking to progress in their career and step away from a purely technical role.

Projects and programmes are the vehicles for moving a business or organisation forward and a project manager who is able to do that well is appreciated and rewarded by the client and their own employer.  This course will give delegates the skills required to build such relationships and transform them from a technical expert into a strategic leader. It will provide delegates with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a focused advisor who can successfully develop relationships and think strategically to ensure long term business collaboration which will benefit the client, the business and ultimately their own career. 

Alongside this, it is also necessary to have the leadership tools and techniques in order to lead a team to success. The ability to think clearly, calmly and logically towards the agreed strategic goals, outcomes and objectives is critical. The course will enable the delegate to communicate with and lead teams naturally and with confidence as they learn to master the essential leadership behaviours and processes.

The link between their technical and leadership skills and their career will be highlighted throughout as they understand how to move from project and individuals, to programmes and accounts and then to enterprise and business partners.

This is an applied learning course that links theory and practice by active use of real life case studies and scenarios to allow active learning and engagement and the ability to apply in a working environment.

Learning outcomes

  • Use your project skills to proactively enhance your career
  • Recognise the mutual dependency of project and career success
  • Effectively set goals, outcomes and objectives that align with the business objectives
  • Successfully lead a team to get the best outcome for the client and the business
  • Adapt your communication style to influence stakeholders and clients
  • Deliberately control your behaviour for the success of all
  • Enhance your existing technical capabilities with new techniques including creating meaningful and effective product briefs, reporting, governance and data presentation and selecting the most appropriate systems and processes for the project

Course structure

Combine presentation, discussion and group/case study exercises. This will allow delegates to practice skills and consolidate their learning in a safe training environment. Each day will conclude with a reflective session which will enable delegates to identify key pieces of learning which they will take forward into their roles.

Why attend the course

Delegates should attend this course if they are ambitious and wish to proactively influence both the direction of their career and the speed at which they will progress. After completing this course, delegates will be better equipped to deal with the mutual demands of their clients, colleagues and senior managers.

Delegates will gain the essential leadership and technical skills needed to move away from a purely technical role and progress to a strategic management position. Topics covered include:

  • Stakeholder management
  • How to adapt your communication style
  • Strategic thinking
  • Key leadership tools and techniques
  • Creating meaningful and effective project briefs
  • Reporting, governance and data presentation
  • Effective selection of project management systems and processes


Key benefits

For the delegate:

  • Develop the skills to proactively advance in your career
  • Differentiate yourself as a proactive and forward thinking leader
  • Widen your influence
  • Learn vital strategies and tools that can be applied immediately  
  • Build your professional network and gain valuable contacts

For the business:

  • Acquire new business through effective account management
  • Develop individuals who recognise and seek out new opportunities
  • Gain leaders able to influence both internally and externally
  • Acquire strategic thinkers who think long term and big picture, saving you time and money


For enquiries or further information, please contact Mr Peter Au, RICS Partnership Development Manager, on +852 2116 9719 or

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    Expires on 14 February 2020 $8000
  • Non-RICS professionals
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  • Standard fee RICS professionals $9000
  • Non-RICS professionals $9500
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