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2 MAY 2017

International Standards

Decisions about investment in the built environment are increasingly being made across borders, making it difficult for investors, occupiers and developers to accurately compare space, construction costs and land area.

RICS is working with worldwide coalition partners to establish new international standards in property (IPMS), construction (ICMS), land (ILMS) and ethics (IES).

As a member of the coalition, RICS can help all practitioners with early adoption and implementation of the new standards.

Main topics

1. Why are global standards important to RICS professionals?

2. Existing global standards and mandatory RICS guidance:

  • Valuation: IVSC and the Red Book
  • Property: IPMS and RICS Property Measurement, 1st edition.

3. An update on new standards and associated RICS guidance in property, construction, land and ethics.

Alan Muse is Director of Built Environment Professional Groups at RICS.

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