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5 SEP 2018

Tenant Insolvency and CVAs in Commercial Property

With several recent cases of famous high street brands restructuring under CVAs, understanding tenant insolvency is crucial more than ever when considering the best options for landlords and other property professionals involved.

Tenant insolvency is on no landlord’s wish list. However, more and more tenants are becoming insolvent, and recovering rent arrears can be complex, costly and time-consuming. Furthermore, there has also been a significant increase in CVAs being offered to companies as a better alternative to liquidation, but it is often the landlords that pay the price.

This seminar will discuss recent cases of tenant insolvency, including CVAs, and consider the most efficient and cost-effective options for landlords and other property professionals involved.

Attend this seminar to better advise your clients through a better understanding of tenant insolvency, including:

  • Identifying different types of insolvency
  • Impact on the Landlord
  • Considering your options
  • Recovering sums – CRAR, Guarantors, use of a rent deposit 
  • Pursuing former tenants and guarantors
  • Rights of the landlord under a CVA - Restrictions on recovery of rent arrears, and rights to challenge the CVA
  • Recent cases and examples, including landlords fighting back.

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