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1 NOV 2017

Collateral Warranties vs Third Party Rights

Collateral warranties and third-party rights remain vital in construction projects.

This session will consider the options available for third parties with an interest in your project.

Main topics

  • Why do we need them?
  • Considering the options for third-party beneficiaries.
  • Pros and cons.
  • Examples.

Alexandra Anderson is partner at RPC. She gets involved in complex and high-value disputes involving projects in the UK and worldwide, predominantly acting for architects and engineers. Alexandra is a regular speaker and author on a wide range of industry topics. She co-edits Hogarth's Insurance for the Construction Industry and was involved in the last three revisions to the RICS's minimum terms. She sits on the Market Liaison Group and works with RICS on a variety of risk management and education issues.

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