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6 FEB 2019

Corporate Real Estate Deals

What are the advantages and disadvantages of corporate real estate deals versus traditional property transactions?

Deals where the transfer of a property asset are effected through selling the ownership of a corporate vehicle (a “corporate wrapper”) have become a common feature of the UK real estate market. In recent years their viability as an option for structuring deals has increased for numbers of reasons, including the potential for legitimate avoidance of high SDLT rates without recourse to aggressive tax planning, and the development of a sophisticated market for warranty and indemnity insurance allowing the additional risks inherent in a company purchase to be offset.

This seminar will consider the key features of corporate real estate transactions, and in particular will look at:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of corporate real estate deals versus traditional property transactions
  • Key differences in approach between property and corporate real estate deals
  • Important strategy and planning issues
  • Managing additional risk – including the use of W&I insurance
  • As well as discussing matters from a technical and legal transactional perspective, the seminar will also offer some insights from a more practical real estate market perspective

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