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Mediation Training Programme - Edinburgh

Highly practical and intensive, RICS Mediation Training Programme will prepare you to mediate the most complex disputes to the highest standards across land, property, construction and infrastructure.

We also run this course in Birmingham and London. For more information, call us on 02476 868 584.

Mon 3 Jun 2019 - Fri 7 Jun 2019
08:30 AM - 05:30 PM
RICS, 125 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4AD
50 hours CPD
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This face-to-face course is divided into two modules embracing the facilitative and evaluative approaches to mediation. Our expert trainers will provide you with in-depth, practical coaching and you will receive feedback from both your trainer
and your peers.

Status and recognition

The RICS Mediation Accreditation Programme is an intensive 5 day interactive schedule. The programme is recognised by the Civil Mediation Council (CMC).


Who should attend?

Our delegates come from a variety of backgrounds and include professionals in land, construction, real estate, local authorities, legal practitioners and members of government departments. This course is suitable for those who are representing parties in mediation.

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What is ACRE?

This Mediation Training Programme follows the ACRE approach:

Analytical - Helping parties to analyse the circumstances, law, evidence, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their case to empower them to make pragmatic and viable settlement decisions

Commercial - The training encompasses wide commercial as well as narrow legal realities to provide a flexible settlement, which courts or arbitration cannot

Restorative - Focusing on restoring the business relationship between parties, proceedings are completely confidential to limit any further damage

Expert - With many years’ experience and expertise in the field of the dispute, our mediators help parties to reach a common-sense settlement, or to narrow the issues in dispute, reducing court or arbitration costs

Module 1

Introduction to Mediation and Mediation Advocacy

Suitable as a stand-alone course this introductory module provides the essential baseline skills to enable delegates to develop and expand their proficiency as a party representative. This module will provide you with a detailed introduction to facilitative and evaluative mediation and is intensely hands-on with coaching and feedback provided throughout role play exercises.

Learning outcomes

  • Appreciate and anticipate the complexities, pitfalls and opportunities of acting as either a facilitative or evaluative mediator
  • Develop the skills to successfully mediate in a variety of commercial situations
  • Build a high level of expert knowledge and experience – act effectively as a mediation advocate.

Course content

Day one

  • The RICS approach to facilitative and evaluative mediation
  • Theoretical background
  • Contractual issues and mediation ground rules

Day two

  • Preparation
  • Opening and exploration – focus on essential ‘soft skills’

Day three

  • Negotiation, closing and compiling a recommendation – focus on essential ‘hard skills’


  • 03 - 05 June 2019

Module 2

Practical evaluative mediation skills

This module will develop your technique as an evaluative mediator, building on the skills in traditional facilitative mediation and the knowledge of evaluative mediation you have gained in module 1. You
will be guided through a variety of practical situations and will learn how to deal with challenges that are specific to the evaluative mediation process.

Learning outcomes

  • Help the parties consider the merits of the various options for settlement that emerge during the negotiation
  • Help the parties understand the risks associated with taking the matter to court or arbitration through a process of robust reality testing
  • Provide your neutral evaluation as to the prospects of success in court or arbitration based on the evidence revealed to you
  • Help the parties to achieve an outcome based on wider commercial as well as narrow legal grounds.

Course content

Day four

  • Role Play consolidation

Day Five

  • Recommendation writing workshop and role play assessment


  • 06 - 07 June 2019

Pricing module 1

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Regular pricing -£1500 + VAT

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Regular price - £2000 + VAT

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Pricing module 2

RICS member rate

Regular pricing -£1200 + VAT

Non-member rate

Regular price - £1700 + VAT

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Pricing modules 1 & 2

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Regular pricing -£2450 + VAT

Non-member rate

Regular price - £3450 + VAT

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