What surveyors do

Our professionals meet complex challenges by delivering economic, social and environmental value for the world’s assets.

What surveyors doOur professionals make an extraordinary contribution to the lives of everyone in the world: from building our cities, roads and railway systems to creating sports stadia and skyscrapers.

They do so while managing the planet’s scarce resources, as well as risks such as climate change and flooding. But these great projects as well as the physical assets where we all live, work and shop are becoming increasingly complicated.

The surveying profession has the expertise to meet future challenges and the changing needs of the 21st century leading the growth of mega cities, connecting people through smart technology and infrastructure and managing our natural resources for generations to come.What surveyors do

 Land, property or a major infrastructure project needs to be professionally developed and managed to deliver best value for owners, investors and the end users. Our professionals manage these complex assets to a set of professional standards that guarantee the quality and ethics of their service.

The standards they work to are both demanded and recognized around the world, ensuring a trusted universal approach and a set of consistent skills globally.

Make a lasting impact on the future

The work of our professionals benefits wider society and the environment. The profession covers a wide range of services; it is a varied career, taking people out into the world and often making a lasting impact for future generations.What surveyors do

Our professionals create value by reducing risk, managing cost and delivering returns on investment. They provide confidence in the market and ensure projects and assets are delivered safely and sustainably.

They also deliver social value by operating in the public interest, to the highest ethical standards, delivering consistent standards of professionalism with trust and integrity.

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