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1 AUG 2019

Rob Jackson - new RICS Managing Director in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Rob is responsible for our strategic development, financial and operational performance in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). He was previously leading the Middle East and North Africa region, but sees the EMEA region as one.

Although there are different cultures and staff structures to take into account, certain initiatives will be common across all countries and markets, whereas other challenges or opportunities may be more specific to a certain market or country. We are a global professional body that aims to drive consistency and trust through standards wherever possible; but at the same time, we fully recognise the local needs and nuances.

One of the common goals across EMEA, for example, is to diversify membership and attract younger generations, both of which are crucial if we are to achieve our vision of effecting positive change in the built and natural environments.

The region’s priorities:

  • To maintain trust in the profession, explaining the value of RICS qualifications throughout the whole built environment life cycle, in areas such as construction, infrastructure, facility management and residential real estate, next to our current strong reputation and member base in commercial real estate.

  • With the re-energised focus on our candidates and AssocRICS qualification, to help built environment professionals at entry level as well as technical professionals demonstrate continuous learning and compliance with our behavioural standards. This  acreditation complements our MRICS and FRICS qualifications. With a progressive suite of membership grades, we aim at professionalising those sectors in Europe that we have not traditionally focused on whilst looking to create accreditations for new and emerging professions. We want to open the benefits of our qualification to a diverse pool of professionals in the context of the current war for talent.

  • To influence thought leadership to bring solutions to major societal challenges, such as climate change, tech disruption, resource scarcity and mass urbanisation, in collaboration with other organisations. Looking at the future of all the professions represented in the built environment, our priority is to help them to adapt, equipping them with the standards, thought leadership, education and best practice.

  • To prepare our professionals and the built environment sector for the future in a period of exponential change. As we are at the start of the fourth industrial revolution and technological developments are happening so quickly, professionals will become even more important than they are today, but their role will undoubtedly change.
Rob Jackson, RICS Managing Director in Europe, Middle East and Africa

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Senior Management team in Europe

  • Judith Gabler, Director for Operations; 
  • Iwan van Bilsen, Commercial Director; 
  • Sander Scheurwater, Director of Communications, Marketing & External Affairs

My main priority is to ensure everybody understands the full value proposition of RICS across Europe, Middle East and Africa. This proposition affects directly our membership, but also the wider market – governments, regulators, the financial community and all the clients of our members or their employers.

Rob Jackson
RICS Managing Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa

He added: "We are also proactively engaging with the next generation of built environment professionals. Our ultimate goal is to drive transparency, professionalism, efficiencies, trust and confidence in to the various sectors that impact on the built environment lifecycle."

Rob also plans to set internally the right structure to function more effectively in Europe.