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Press release

12 DEC 2019

RICS announces Regional Board for Hong Kong

RICS is pleased to announce the board members of the Hong Kong Regional Board.

Led by Dave Hallam MRICS the Regional Board provides market insight and intelligence to inform the overall strategy of RICS in Hong Kong.

The Board plays an integral role in enhancing the recognition and profile of RICS in the marketplace, as well as enhancing local member engagement within the region. The Board is also responsible for identifying areas of independent thought leadership.

The Board will meet a minimum of twice per year to ensure active participation across different work areas in order to raise awareness and the general profile of RICS standards and guidance.

Meet the Board members

  • Dave Hallam MRICS (Chairperson)
  • Chan Siu Bun Ben MRICS
  • Christine Chan MRICS
  • Gerard Kipling MRICS
  • Shana Lam MRICS
  • Lee Fong Chung MRICS
  • Lee Hoi Tat Nathan MRICS
  • Li Kam Chuen MRICS
  • Nigel Smith MRICS
  • Pierpaolo Franco (Executive)

Main responsibilities

The Board is responsible for:

  • As the industry experts of specific and defined areas, offer industry and market insights in respective areas to support the delivery of RICS business plan in alignment with corporate strategic goals.
  • Identify opportunities in the markets and offer advices to establish RICS as a thought leader in respective areas, and ultimately for qualification and standards of the profession to be adopted by the market.
  • Identify areas and advise on strategies and actions that build trust in RICS as a professional body. These may include but not limited to giving advices, consultation responses to government, local bodies, regulatory bodies, policy makers and policy making processes.
  • As RICS industry experts, offer advices and support to the delivery of RICS activities in professional community and the industry. These may include but not limited to suggesting and introducing industry leaders, speakers and trainers to RICS for conferences, trainings and seminars etc.
  • As the ambassadors of RICS, support RICS events and initiatives by actively participating and inviting network’s participation. Examples include but are not limited to chairing or joining event organising committees, task forces, encouraging participation of membership activities, and making responses to standards consultations.
  • Individual committees might have specific additional objectives due to their specific nature and expertise in the profession. Such additional objectives may be adjusted as market needs and opportunities arise, and as RICS’ priority changes.