Surveying careers guide

Find out what it's like to work as a surveyor, how you can make a difference working on some of the most exciting projects around and get key information on apprenticeship schemes and university courses.

Our schools and universities careers guides are perfect for those interested in a professional career in land, property, construction and infrastructure.

If you would like a printed copy of either careers guides, please email

Careers guide — schools

Our schools careers guide is a perfect introduction into careers in the built environment and why surveying could be an option for you.

Still not sure? Read about specific roles available in land, property, construction and infrastructure and read additional case studies

Careers guide — universities

If you're set on a career in the built environment, our universities careers guide provides more in-depth information about surveying as a career, including all the different specalisms and how you can gain a globally-recognised RICS qualification.

Download the guide

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