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Please carefully check your list of principals. This information can have a direct impact on your regulatory entitlements.

The list must include all RICS members and non-members who are principals of the firm.

For the purposes of the RICS Rules "principal" means a:

  1. sole practitioner, or
  2. partner, director or member of a limited liability partnership, or
  3. person whose job title includes the word "partner" or "director," or
  4. person who performs the function of a sole practitioner, partner, director or member of a limited liability partnership.

For public sector and other organisations registered through the option 3 arrangements for VRS, this list will show the RICS member(s) nominated to be your organisation’s regulation contact officer(s).

If your firm's list of principals is not correct, exit the Annual Return and make the necessary changes using the personnel option in the firm maintenance menu.

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