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The membership of RICS in Belux has grown steadily over the past years and is drawn from all language groups and represents a wide range of expertise. We therefore offer different possibilities (routes) to the RICS membership, depending on your educational and (real estate related) working experience.

How to become a member

How to become a member

Below you’ll find the different steps towards your membership.

Step 1: CV-template

To be able to assess your eligibility, we firstly need your cv. You can download the template from the downloads on the right side of this page. After having completed it, please send it digitally to You’ll receive a confirmation of receipt within 3 working days. Your contact person will be Astrid van de Reep.

Step 2: Application form and invoice

After having assessed your cv, you’ll receive the recommendation for your membership route. Attached will be the following documents:

  • APC application form, which you need to complete, sign and send to
  • List of potential counsellors within your field. Please do not just ‘pick’ someone, but ask him or her personally if they are able/willing to counsel. Note that all counsellors on the list are trained to do so by RICS in Belux.
  • An overview of APC fees

Step 3: APC Invoice

After receipt of your signed application form, you will be sent an invoice for your ‘Assessment of Professional Competence’ (APC). A full overview of the fees can be found here.

Step 4: Candidate member

After receipt of the APC payment, you will be given a personal membership number, which officially makes you candidate member of RICS. You will be sent an e-mail with the next steps with which to start the route to your professional RICS membership:

  • Register to our website and create your personal account
  • Instructions to upload your case studie(s)
  • Information about the Final Assessment
  • RICS ethics module
  • Available guidance

After you are logged on to your account, please fill in the requested details on our Assessment Resource Center. In preparation for your Final Assessment you need to write 1 or more case studies, depending on your route, fill in the requested number of Professional Development hours (CPD), finalise the online ethics module, study our ethical rules and prepare for the presentation.

Note: Please do not forget to engage your counsellor on a regular basis during your preparations. High quality and regular counselling could really make the difference between pass or referral.

Step 5: Final Assessment

RICS in Belux organises Final Assessment rounds several times each year. For which round you may be eligible, depends on whether you have finished all necessary steps in ARC.
If you wish to know the exact application dates, please contact our office

Step 6: Election

On a given date (election date) after you have successfully taken your Final Assessment, you will be elected Professional Member of the RICS and gain the right to use the title MRICS behind your name. An internationally recognised title that facilitates the communication in the real estate world both within Belgium and Luxembourg, as well as with international contacts. You are part of a network of approximately 125.000 members in 149 countries.

Any questions?

Please contact Astrid van de Reep at the Belux office on +31 70 419 07 19
She is responsible for the APC process: from assessing your cv up to the organisation and planning of the Final Assessments.

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