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Appeal Panel Hearings

11 JUN 2019

Mr Philip Antino – 07–10 May 2019

Appeal Panel hearing

Case of Mr Philip Antino [0840777]
Essex, CM2

On 4 –11 June 2018, 13 -18 June 2018, 12-16 and 23 November & 12 December 2018 a Disciplinary Panel heard 10 charges against Mr Antino, finding 5 of the 10 charges proved.

The Panel expelled Mr Antino from membership of RICS with immediate effect and ordered him to contribute towards RICS’ costs.

Mr Antino appealed the decision of the Disciplinary Panel which was heard by an Appeal Panel on Tuesday 07 – Friday 10 May 2019. The Panel upheld the appeal in respect of 3 charges and rejected the appeal in respect of 2 charges, meaning 2 of the original charges remain proved.

The Panel concluded that expulsion remained the most appropriate and proportionate sanction in the circumstances and awarded costs in favour of RICS.