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Disciplinary Panel Hearings

6 AUG 2018

Mr Nigel Bone - 18 July 2018

Mr Nigel Bone [0046480] and; NRB Chartered Surveyors
Disciplinary Panel hearing – 18 July 2018

A Disciplinary Panel was convened to decide upon an application by Mr Bone on behalf of NRB Chartered Surveyors (the Firm) to the effect that he/the Firm be permitted further time to comply with the condition imposed on it by a previous Disciplinary Panel on 12 September 2017.

The Panel allowed the extension and ordered that Mr Bone and the Firm be jointly liable to make a contribution towards the costs of the hearing.

*Update: December 2018

The Firm failed to comply with the condition imposed by the Panel and the following sanction was applied:

  • Removal of Firms registration from regulation