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Benefits of RICS membership

Benefits of RICS membership

The value of RICS membership has never been greater – from wider industry recognition and enhanced career opportunities to access to the latest professional insights, guidance and technologies.

1. Develop your expertise and earning potential

Build your expertise, develop your insight and enhance your career prospects by making the most of our latest professional standards, ethical guidance, sector-specific advice and regulatory help.

2. Build a global professional network

Connect with your peers around the world and leading figures across the industry using our expanding network of events, webinars and social media channels – enabling you to explore new trends and seek new opportunities.

Did you know: in 2018, 1,677 qualified members in Europe were aged 23-38, an increase of 15% from 2017.

Value of RICS credential
The value of RICS membership
Susan Perdijk

I like to compare my RICS membership with the Premier League. It shows my clients I'm part of the world’s leading professional body, which gives them the confidence they are in good hands.

Susan Perdijk MRICS
FRIS Valuations & Real Estate Advisory, Amsterdam

3. Enhance your skills and employability

Develop your skills and learn new globally recognised specialisms through our annual range of more than 800 courses, conferences and events – including our annual World Built Environment Forum Summit.

Did you know: 86% of the profession believe being RICS qualified increases their employment prospects.

4. Make your mark on the world around us

Shape the world around us by having your say in our regular market surveys and industry-leading consultations – which in 2019 will focus on subjects including the future of the surveying profession and fighting money laundering.

Did you know: 95% of RICS professionals in Europe say they are “proud to be a member of RICS”.

5. Broaden your horizons and lead the debate

Be at the heart of the industry with access to the latest thinking, expert advice and in-depth features across all surveying disciplines from our sector-specific journals, flagship Modus magazine and our regular email newsletters.

Did you know: in 2017-18, RICS was a member of the European Commission’s technical expert group supporting the action plan on sustainable finance, climate change and the implementation of the UN’s Paris Agreement.

Be part of a global network

With more than 130,000 RICS members around the world and offices covering the major political and financial centres, our market presence puts you at the forefront of the profession and at the heart of international policy.

RICS in Europe in 2017-18

  • RICS played a major role in the European Commission’s common reporting framework for the sustainability performance of buildings. This now includes the recommendation to use our International Property Measurement Standards for floor area measurement and a value indicator referencing the RICS Red Book.
  • RICS was credited as a “global standard-setting professional body in property valuation” by the European Commission in dialogue on the impact of energy efficiency on mortgages.
  • The German Federal Ministry of Finance welcomed our lead on anti-bribery and corruption, praising RICS for proactively “broadening the obligations of every member in the real estate industry”.
  • Judith Gabler, acting managing director, RICS Europe, was voted Germany’s number one female influencer in real estate by Immobilien Manager.

RICS continuously contributes to the development of a real estate market based on trust, operated by competent and qualified specialists who have appropriate knowledge and skills, and who are characterised by maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Polish Secretary of State for Investment and Economic Development

  • The Luxembourgian Fund Association showed that 77% of all valuations conducted by its members were carried out according to the RICS Red Book.
  • According to the survey Le Baromètre de L’Expertise en Évaluation Immobilière” by Galtier Valuation, RICS qualifications are acknowledged by a panel of real estate experts as being “universally recognised” within the real estate sector in France.
  • All major Dutch banks now have RICS professionals on their boards.
  • BNP Paribas Real Estate in Germany, France and Italy has confirmed that it will continue with a personnel development policy that actively supports employees in becoming RICS qualified.
Charles Blandignieres
Charles Blandignières

After 10 years with RICS in France, I’ve never regretted this choice. The experience has allowed me to meet exceptional real estate professionals. We embody positive values that I’m proud to share.

Charles Blandignières MRICS
Project director, Union Investment Real Estate, Paris