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Interim Panel Hearings

17 MEI 2018

Alpha Browett Taylor and Mr Richard Hutt FRICS - 8 May 2018

Alpha Property Asset Management T/AS Alpha Browett Taylor (a Firm) and; Mr Richard Hutt FRICS [0058237]
Interim Measures Hearing – Tuesday 8 May 2018

On 8 May 2018 a Disciplinary Panel imposed the following restrictions to practice upon the firm Alpha Browett Taylor and Mr Richard Hutt, with immediate effect, until 29 November 2018:

Firm Restrictions

  1. The Firm is not permitted to hold any client monies save for (i) service charge funds, which must be held in a designated client service charge account, and (ii) ground rents of up to £15,000.
  2. The Firm is not permitted to accept new clients whose business requires the Firm to hold their money until the full extent of the fraud has been confirmed by qualified forensic accountants.
  3. Evidence that the restriction at (b) above has been complied with must be provided to RICS in writing and acknowledged by RICS prior to the Firm accepting any new clients.
  4.  Mr Hutt is required to appoint a second signatory, in addition to himself, for banking transactions.  He is required to agree the identity of the second signatory with RICS and his professional indemnity insurers.  He is to notify RICS once that appointment has become effective.

Member Restrictions

  1. As sole principal of the firm, Mr Hutt is the only individual RICS member permitted to authorise payments from the firm’s client account.
  2. Mr Hutt is not permitted to accept instructions other than as sole principal of the firm.

The notice will remain on RICS’ website for the duration of this period of restriction to practice.