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Membership policies

Membership policies

Download the key policies of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Registered Valuers Association (RICS RVA).

Freqently Asked Questions

    • Apply for membership in the RICS RVA by completing the application form. You must demonstrate compliance with IBBI eligibility criteria, compliance with RICS RVA eligibility criteria, and pay applicable fees.
    • Complete mandatory training through RICS RVA or another authorised provider.
    • Take and pass IBBI Valuation examination.
    • Complete IBBI application for registration, submit the same to IBBI along with relevant documents. See the IBBI website for a step-by-step guide to this application.
    • IBBI and RICS RVA will then verify your eligibility for registration.
    • If you are deemed eligible, IBBI will invoice you for the application fee.
    • Pay the fee due IBBI.
  • Any individual meeting requirements in the Eligibility Policy can apply for membership with RICS RVA.

    In short, mandatory requirements to become a Registered Valuer with RICS RVA are:

  • Eligibility Qualification and Experience in accordance with Rule 4 are as follows:

    Land and Building

    • I. Graduate in Mechanical, Electrical, Electrontc and Communication, Electronic and Instrumentation, Production, Chemical, Textiles, Leather, Metallurry, or Aeronautical Engineering or Graduate in Valuation of Plant and Machinery or equivalent;

    Experience in specified discipline: Five years

    • II. Post-graduate on above courses.

    Experience in specified discipline: Three years

    Plant and Machinery

    • I. Graduate in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Town Planning or equivalent;

    Experience in specified discipline: Five years

    • II. Post-graduate on above courses and also in valuation of land and building or Real Estate Valuation (a two-year full time post-graduation course).

    Experience in specified discipline: Three years

    Securities or Financial Assets

    • I. Member of institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Member of Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Member of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Master of Business Administration or Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (specialisation in finance).

    Experience in specified discipline: Three years

    • II. Post-graduate in Finance

    Experience in specified discipline: Three years

    Any other asset class along with corresponding qualifications and experience in accordance with rule 4 as may be specified by the Central Government.


    1. The Eligibility qualification means qualification obtained from recognised Indian University or equivalent Institute whether in India or abroad.
    • [Qualification and Experience are in accordance with The Companies (Registered Valuers and Valuation) Fourth Amendment Rules, 2018 notified on 13-11-2018.
  • It is an online examination in a proctored environment, lasting two hours. It will examine the applicant's professional knowledge, skills, values and ethics in respect of valuation.

  • Valuer is required to comply with all the conditions given below:

    • RICS RVA Code of Conduct
    • RICS RVA Bye laws
    • RICS RVA policies
    • Any other standards specified by RICS RVA from time to time
  • The Board of Directors of RICS RVA has adopted the global rules and standards promulgated by RICS to comprise the RICS RVA Code of Conduct. This will ensure that RICS RVA members are held to the highest global professional standards for conduct, ethics, and performance of valuations, as well as in cooperation with RICS RVA in monitoring or disciplinary activities.

  • RICS RVA members shall follow the RICS Valuation – Global Standards ("Red Book"), as well as the standards and rules in the RICS RVA Code of Conduct , including the RICS Professional Statements on Conflicts of Interest and Property Measurement.

  • A registered valuer cannot conduct valuation of the assets or class(es) of assets other than for which he/it has been registered by the IBBI.

  • Yes, if the valuer meets all the requirements for the RICS RVA, they can apply for membership.  However, the valuer must submit documentation from IBBI indicating permission to change membership from another RVO to RICS RVA.

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