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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to some of the most common questions about RICS qualifications.

  • To determine the most suitable assessment type and find the right RICS qualification for you visit our online qualification wizard.

  • The Associate qualification demonstrates your competence for a commercial or technical role. It is suitable for those with work-based experience or vocational qualifications. When you achieve this qualification you will be able to use the designation AssocRICS.

    For further information on entry requirements and how to enrol today visit our AssocRICS webpage.

  • To qualify as an Associate you will need to demonstrate your competence in your chosen pathway.

    The assessment for the Associate qualification includes:

    • Written summary of experience – 3,000 word summary of your experience against competencies set out in your chosen pathway. 2,000 words on the technical requirements and 1,000 words on mandatory requirements
    • Case study – 2,500 words on one of your recent projects which demonstrates your technical ability
    • CPD – a record of 48 hours of CPD for the last 12 months
    • Ethics test – All candidates need to complete and pass our online ethics test
  • The Chartered qualification demonstrates your competence for a strategic advisory or leadership role. It is suitable for those with academic qualifications or senior characteristics.  When you achieve this qualification you will be able to use the designation MRICS.

    To see if you are eligible for this qualification visit our MRICS webpage.

  • The Chartered qualification involves completing an online ethics module and the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC), which demonstrates your competence in your chosen pathway in order to become a chartered surveyor (MRICS).

  • The Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) is made up of:

    • Written summary of experience – 4,000 words on how you meet the technical competencies and 1,500 words on how you meet the mandatory competencies
    • Case study – 3,000 words about a project you have worked on focusing on the technical competencies
    • Professional interview – A 60 minute interview includes a 10 minute presentation based on your case study, 10 minutes of questions on your presentation and 35 minutes of questions on the mandatory technical and ethical competencies
    • CPD – An up to date record of your CPD is required. Review the APC candidate guide for the minimum number of hours of CPD that is required

    Find out more about the APC process for a candidate

  • For guidance on Associate and Chartered pathways view the pathway guides.

  • The Senior Professional Assessment recognises that individuals working at a senior level within land, property, infrastructure and construction may be able to become RICS qualified based on their experience and knowledge. To apply you first you’ll need to prove eligibility by demonstrating that you have the required senior characteristics.

  • When enrolling on to an RICS qualification online you will need the following details to hand:

    • Your start year, course title and institution name
    • Your employer details
    • Your counsellor’s RICS membership number
    • Your online payment details
  • You can enrol online today to the Associate and Chartered qualification by clicking on the links on our Chartered qualification MRICS and Associate qualification AssocRICS webpages and selecting the relevant link depending on your level of education and experience.

  • All Associate assessment and Chartered assessment candidates must appoint a counsellor who is RICS qualified. Their role is to support candidates and guide them throughout their journey and sign them off as competent before submitting for assessment.

    Counsellors for the Associate qualification must be AssocRICS qualified for at least four 4 years, MRICS or FRICS. Counsellors for the Chartered qualification must be MRICS or FRICS.

  • RICS recognise certain qualifications as giving exemptions to some of our entry or assessment requirements. For more details on the direct entry qualifications, visit our dedicated webpage.

  • For a list of current RICS accredited courses visit our RICS courses webpages.

  • Ask your employer to email us for options available.

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